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Z CAM is a camera brand created by a team of innovative and creative people dedicated to develop high performance, state of the art imaging products and solutions.

In 2015, the team launched Z CAM E1, the world's smallest 4K, MFT interchangeable lens mount camera.

Shortly after, Z CAM successfully developed and launched its first professional VR camera Z CAM S1 at the end of 2016. Furthermore, a full range of VR180 and VR360 professional VR cameras launched in 2017 and 2018. As a result, Z CAM became a global leader in the professional VR camera market.

In 2018, the Z CAM E2 was introduced as a low cost, 4K 160fps & 10 bit color cinema camera and established a stronghold position in the cinema camera market. Alongside was the Z CAM E2C, the most affordable cinema camera launched in 2019. Upon the successful market dominance of the Z CAM E2, a series of Flagship cinema cameras were also created: Z CAM E2-S6 (Super 35mm 6K), Z CAM E2-F6 (Full Frame 6K), and the Z CAM E2-F8 (Full Frame 8K) during Q4 2019.

A number of top commercials, documentaries, TV series and feature films around the world have been shot on Z CAM E2. There is also an increasing trend of innovative applications leveraging on the unique capabilities and form factor of Z CAM E2, including but not limited to volumetric and underwater capture.

Z CAM is committed to develop more innovative products while expanding the market coverage worldwide. Seeing is believing!